FLEX-US at Ro2 Gallery

Fellow Centraltraker, Hillary Holsonback

Fellow Centraltraker, Hillary Holsonback

Hilly Holsonback


In Cooperation with Muscle Nation: FLEX-US

The artist collective In Cooperation with Muscle Nation consists of seven members, two of which are Danielle Georgiou and myself. Other members include Emily Loving, Willie Baronet, Robin Myrick, Andy Amato, and Sandi Edgar. We all are MFA, Ph.D, and Doctorate students at UT Dallas and have shared numerous classes together. Our familiarity and fascination with each other's work led to a strong bond and desire to make a mark on the Dallas art scene, primarily though "pop-up" shows.


We are art students with a passion to bring back the "Happening", to

be interactive and spontaneous in exhibition. Our first show will be
at Ro2 Gallery on March 3rd. You will have many opportunities to see
this show as it will be on exhibit for one month. The reason for a
more traditional show intends to introduce the artists to art goers
around Dallas and prepare them for what is to come.

FLEX-US ImageAs it stands, I am genuinely thrilled to be apart of this talented
group. I feel we can really do some great things. We are offering
Dallas a new experience in art - to tear down the walls of "high" and
freely amerce our audience into our world of performance,
installation, photography, dance, and video.

Be sure to attend the opening. There will be a live, 3-hour
performance by Danielle Georgiou along side a projected video piece.

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