Nathan Green & John Pomara on “Failing Flat: Sculptural Tendencies in Painting”

Artist/curator Nathan Green and artist/UTD Professor John Pomara discuss the issues surrounding CentralTrak's upcoming exhibition "Failing Flat: Sculptural Tendencies in Painting."

Failing Flat is a group exhibition of paintings, featuring the work of Ivin Ballen, T.J. Donovan, Faith Gay, and Shane Tolbert curated by former resident Nathan Green.

It is an interesting time for "painting. Everything is available and anything goes. Gone are the days of Clement Greenberg and the strict adherence to modernist notions and rigid categorization. Painters can freely mine and augment the visual languages of the past, endlessly colliding them with new methodsĀ and materials to explore the boundaries of the medium. The artists included in Failing Flat expand and explode painting into three dimensions while staying firmly grounded to a traditional support. By depicting graphic images with sculptural form, these artists create works that exist in a dual state, vacillating between objecthood and the pictorial. Though the works are in dialogue with tropes of the past, these works fail to conform to their flat ancestry. They are a testament to painting's ability to restore, reframe and reinvent itself.

Also, on Thursday, March 21, 7-9 pm, 'NEXT TOPIC: CentralTrak's Lecture Series' will host a session with curator of the show Nathan Green, artist John Pomara, and artist Kim Camdus Owens about issues surrounding the exhibition. Please mark your calendars!

opening reception, Saturday, March 9, 8 - 10 p.m.
exhibition runs March 9 - April 27, 2013

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  • Spencer Brown-Pearn

    Cant wait until this weekend!

  • traceydd

    Thanks for showing that paint does not have to conform to the idea of always being on flat pieces of paper or canvas!