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Queerness at CentralTrak

We"re busting it out for LGBT Pride Month! Starting with the photo/history exhibition 214TRANS4M in CentralTrak"s arcade (hallway) gallery, opening Saturday, June 1st. The creative team of Daniel Kusner & Bryan Amann display their portfolio of transgendered models set in tableau illustrating Dallas" history. Everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Tina Turner, all characters who experienced profound turning points in Big nederlandsegokken online casino D, are represented in a very original way.

And hot on the (high) heels of that opening is a free screening from the filmmakers AK Burns & AL Steiner on Thursday, June 6 at 8pm. "Community Action Center" is a feature film inspired by 70"s hippy culture. This porn-tastic experiment in cinema is not to be missed by anyone who yearns for the good-old-days of true underground artistic disruption!



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  1. dawn quiett says:

    Daniel! I am so thrilled for you. I am going to try to come by today-dawn quiett

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