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People are our Greatest Asset: Carolyn Sortor


Carolyn Sortor,

Hometown: Hales Corners, Wisconsin

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to become: a ballerina or, failing that, a visual artist. However, I had the impression that the best artists die impoverished and unrecognized, or worse, and I didn't have the courage to take that on.

Personal hero: Shakespeare, or maybe Desmond Tutu - people who have genuine wisdom and vision, as well as heart, and who also manage to be really effective in the world.

Carolyn's professional life took a turn recently when she left a 20-year career as a transactional lawyer to pursue a life-long interest in art. And her "early retirement" is anything but leisurely. She may well be the "hardest working woman in the Dallas art scene". She exhibits, she organizes, she curates, (for example: Co-Re-Creating Spaces at CentralTrak in 2012/2013) she makes video, she's politically-involved, she blogs, she supports her fellow artists, even her wedding was a performance piece, ...whew! And we at CentralTrak are fortunate enough to have the advantage of her friendship, occasional collaboration and counsel. As busy as she is, Carolyn finds time for us.

CentralTrak isn't just an artists' residency in Dallas. We're not just an art space in Expo Park. We're not simply a building or a university-sponsored program. Our community is our life-blood and CentralTrak exists because of the people involved. Our local and international art communities make all the difference. Our friends keep us going.

We thank you for your participation, generosity and support of CentralTrak this year and we hope you'll consider making a tax-deductable donation now!

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