People are our Greatest Asset: Dan Pritchett

Dan Pritchett

Dan Pritchett,

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Great passions: guitars, fashion, art, cars, people

Favorite musician: Rod Stewart

First time I came to CentralTrak: was when it first opened. I was invited by Charissa Terranova to be part of the advisory circle for CentralTrak, which I did...

Favorite thing about CentralTrak: Wonderful and new art, great presentations, wonderful people, comfortable atmosphere, beer at openings, people who know about art are there

If you've been to ANY social or art event EVER in Dallas, Texas, you've been in a room with man-about-town Dan Pritchett. He's everywhere and he's dressed to the nines. Dan's been in the CentralTrak "family" since the beginning, donating airline miles to the program in 2006 and becoming a significant financial contributor in 2013. Supporters like Dan understand the value that CentralTrak offers to the cultural life of Dallas and he's answered the call.

CentralTrak isn't just an artists' residency in Dallas. We're not just an art space in Expo Park. We're not simply a building or a university-sponsored program. Our community is our life-blood and CentralTrak exists because of the people involved. Our local and international art communities make all the difference. Our friends keep us going.

We thank you for your participation, generosity and support of CentralTrak this year and we hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation now!

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  • Celia Dias

    Dan, you rock and roll !