People are our Greatest Asset: Darryl Ratcliff

Darryl Ratcliff

Darryl Ratcliff,

Hometown: DeSoto, Texas

An art moment that changed my life: When I was 16, I went to the Menil Collection for the first time and encountered the huge Cy Twombly painting they have there. I was just floored. That feeling of mystery, awe, excitement, and joy - I knew I wanted to have that kind of experience for the rest of my life.

First time I came to CentralTrak: was in 2008. I had just moved back to Dallas after college and emailed Dr. Charissa Terranova about some ideas I had, and she told me to come by and chat.

And Darryl’s been coming by CentralTrak ever since. He’s at every opening we have at CentralTrak …and he’s usually bringing an extra bit of sartorial elegance by sporting a boutonnière!. He’s participated in CentralTrak’s programming by hosting consecutive annual panel discussions focused on the needs and perspectives of younger artists in the North Texas area. This year, Darryl started covering the arts scene for Houston-based We’re thrilled to see Darryl’s career develop and we’re happy to have any part in growing that next generation of movers and shakers in the Dallas art scene!


CentralTrak isn’t just an artists’ residency in Dallas. We’re not just an art space in Expo Park. We’re not simply a building or a university-sponsored program. Our community is our life-blood and CentralTrak exists because of the people involved. Our local and international art communities make all the difference. Our friends keep us going.

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