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People are our Greatest Asset: Karen Wiener


Karen Wiener,

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Day Job: Director of The Reading Room

An art moment that changed my perspective/life/mind/heart: walking the streets of nyc

No one knows that I: used to belong to an improv group

If I could send a message to myself 20/30/40 years ago, I'd say: don’t worry

Favorite thing about CentralTrak: that its down the street from The Reading Room

We love our city and we love our neighborhood. Karen Wiener and The Reading Room have been fantastic neighbors to (and at times collaborators with) CentralTrak. The easy exchange of ideas, artists and patrons between institutions makes Dallas a wonderful art enclave. Along with 500X, The Power Station and Gray Matters, CentralTrak is making the Fair Park area buzz with activity, …with or without a State Fair.

CentralTrak isn’t just an artists’ residency in Dallas. We’re not just an art space in Expo Park. We’re not simply a building or a university-sponsored program. Our community is our life-blood and CentralTrak exists because of the people involved. Our local and international art communities make all the difference. Our friends keep us going.


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