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CentralTrak Resident, Bradley Cruse’ Houston Art Fair Experience

Yesterday I took a trip down to Houston to see the Art Fair. There was some good and some bad, but overall it was a shotgun array of art like you would expect. I had a method planned out to research the artists I was interested in. I had a handful of favorites that I took snapshots of, along with the title card in order to look up later. On pieces that I really enjoyed but wouldn’t consider my favorite, I would take the gallery’s card to check out the work online later. To my dismay I realized I should have taken pictures of all of the work I would have liked to see again. After looking up a few of the galleries online I found that these galleries can have lists of 70+ artists! Having this many artists in a list is already heading down a bad road, but buying a spot in an art fair, which I’m guessing runs about 10-15k, then not highlighting the artists being shown on your website is a tragedy.

Not surprisingly, some of the pieces I was drawn to most were marked as winning the Texas Contemporary Award. Fernando Pareja and Leidy Chavez’ Opresores Oprimidos, a war scene that was really interesting with its use of a strobe light. Another award winner was Andreas Nottebohm whose work is always impressive. The Catherine Clark Gallery had a lot of work based around text, including an augmented reality piece, the only of its kind in the art fair. I'm really looking forward to more technology infused pieces to creep into the fairs in the future.

The fair kept a smile on my face with works such as gold leaf bullets that were prohibited from being sold, glass tongues, comical over-sized matchbooks, and sports cards with forward imagery painted on. All in all, the show was worth seeing and I am still yet to be disappointed by a Texas Art Fair.


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