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Living with Art by CentralTrak Resident Liz Trosper

Every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. during exhibitions, CentralTrak hosts regular open hours in the exhibition space. This Saturday was not only the last week of Christopher Blay's installation exhibition, "Satellites;" it was also the DADA gallery walk. So, we had a lively afternoon.

Most lively of all, we kicked off the afternoon with coffee and a crescent of CentralTrak's signature white plastic chairs. The residents (plus my dad) gathered 'round to talk about what we we're making and share insights. As we meandered near and far from discussing the wood sculpture and 3D Google SketchUp renders that I showed, we covered topics from cinema (Invasion of the Body  Snatchers, Rosemary's Baby, etc.) to death to The Flatlander's song "DC9 at Night." And it was all relevant, somehow poignant and altogether perfect inspiration to keep doing what we're doing -- swimming up stream as creators in a consumer culture.

Living with art creates amazing possibilities for these conversations, and you're always invited to join us. Also - Jesse ordered a pizza around 5 pm when the exhibition space was closing. So, sometimes living with art means that there's a pizza guy in the exhibition space.




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