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CentralTrak Resident, Jesse J. Griffith’s Post-Apocalyptic Reflection

It’s quiet, too quiet…

Our programming from these past few weeks was heavily condensed and extremely exhilarating. Following the “Draftsmen of the Apocalypse” opening, the next week had four total events, three of which followed back to back. This wide variety of programming and the tightly woven schedule revealed to me the versatile capabilities of a gallery space.

During an “Apocalyptic” opening reception, the CentralTrak’s gallery acts as social hub. This of course allows like-minded individuals to mingle amongst each other, catching up with one another while sharing an appreciation for the arts and Bombay bar mixes. Following the Apocalypse, the space would transform into a scheduled community workshop to discuss individual portfolios in a semi-professional manner. Shortly after that, it would quickly morph again three times; first into a sound stage for a saxophone duo, then a discussion space on social happenings, and then finally into a highly enveloping experimental sound environment, courtesy of Flinching Eye Collective . I am always surprised to see our events taken down as quickly as they were erected, thus restoring a conventional and fully functional art gallery.

I have only been at CentralTrak for a mere 3 months now and I am enthusiastically looking forward to future programs. Although it has been insightful, it is quite nice to have a break as we head into the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. I truly appreciate the opportunity and privilege to be involved with such a diverse residence. It is not only the physical space that allows CentralTrak to be what it is, but also the people behind it play integral parts in its ever shifting identity.



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