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Buckle up! We’re in for a bumpy ride!

by Jesse J. Griffith

It is difficult to believe that I have already spent five months here at CentralTrak and I will be graduating within another five. I write this as the roller coaster of 2014 completes its final loop and I prepare for another go around. With our programming on a holiday break, I have been preparing things for CentralTrak’s social media Year in Review. In doing so, I have been able to reflect on my own year and examine these events. The twists and turns of 2014 were new, insightful, and also disorienting. This ride came to an end sooner than expected. The next few weeks will be spent buckling myself in for another ride, strengthening myself to tackle next year and make it more manageable. These reflections have led to more questions than answers. I couldn't possibly find answers for these before the end of the year, but recording them could eventually lead to some sort of understanding.
How far can one prepare for future events? It seems that every outcome differs from expectations. Planning and preparation seem to only narrow the margin of error of life’s variables. Thinking about this led me to weigh the pros and cons of things going “according to plan” versus just “winging it.” Quite frankly I think that everyone is winging something to some extent, but it just comes down how much they are willing to admit. Then again, how far can a labor intensive planning regime bring someone to the end goal of complete contentedness? Or is life about developing skills to stay on ones toes and develop expertise in “winging it” and going along for the ride? These types of questions entrance me to wonder about rewards of calculated actions or instinctual choices. Even with all this thought, I still don’t have an answer. This could be a result from lack of life experience or lack of proficiency in social infrastructures. To be honest, I tend to compromise and use the advantages from either side.
Every New Year is an entirely different ride with its own obstacles and variables. We all live dynamic lives and 2015 will not be any different. I hope to eventually look back on this year and think that it was not as crazy as it seemed or a year of great accomplishments. Being able to look back and reflect is a privilege and I appreciate that privilege. Our journeys differ infinitely and we all have a seat on this crazy coaster.

Cropping a snapshot of Fun Death by Alexander Paulus.

Cropping a snapshot of Fun Death by Alexander Paulus.


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