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a hard place

August 19 – September 24 Reception for the artists 6-10pm August 19 @ 500X Gallery: 500 Exposition Ave. Dallas TX 75226 An exhibition of international

Looking forward to the upcoming TRAC 2015

By Bradley Cruse TRAC has invited nueroaesthetistician Samir Zeki to be a guest at this year’s conference. The Representational Art Conference is making an interesting

Buckle up! We’re in for a bumpy ride!

It is difficult to believe that I have already spent five months here at CentralTrak and I will be graduating within another five. I write

In-Person Experience and Post-Internet Art

By Liz Trosper   Producing artwork in a physical display space is one of the most critical skills for a professional artist to nail down.

Living with Art by CentralTrak Resident Liz Trosper

Every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. during exhibitions, CentralTrak hosts regular open hours in the exhibition space. This Saturday was not only the last

CentralTrak Resident, Bradley Cruse’ Houston Art Fair Experience

Yesterday I took a trip down to Houston to see the Art Fair. There was some good and some bad, but overall it was a

A Conversation With Christopher Blay – Aug. 2014

In conversation with CentralTrak’s director, Heyd Fontenot, Blay explains his practice and his influences in his own words: Q:  You spoke of watching Sci-Fi films

Demitasse: “Blue Medicine”

  Demitasse, a two piece acoustic group, will be at CentralTrak for a one-night performance of their debut album “Blue Medicine" this Friday the 25th

Sadie Hawkins: A Reflection

Feminism. We’ve been there and done that, right? In the feminist conversation, there is a cycle of denial and frustration. Women are, and have always

A CentralTrak Conversation with David Witherspoon

Interview By Shawn Mayer Artist and UT Dallas MFA student David Witherspoon's exhibition TAKE will be coming down on the 25th of August, but before