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Sadie Hawkins: A Reflection

Feminism. We’ve been there and done that, right? In the feminist conversation, there is a cycle of denial and frustration. Women are, and have always been, major players in everything from business to political science to art. We know this and tend to use this knowledge to deny the fact that women are subservient in

People are our Greatest Asset

Whether you visit CentralTrak once a week or haven’t been in years – we welcome YOU to the always-free-of-charge art space that functions as a “community center” for the North Texas art scene. As one of our guests, patrons or collaborators you have helped CentralTrak evolve. Your contributions whether they be monetary or participatory benefit

People are our Greatest Asset: Sylvia Hougland

Sylvia Hougland, Hometown: El Cerrito, California When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be: a queen, or a senator. Occupation/Day Job: Retired; previously Secretary on Aging, State of Kansas, Only second woman in the history of the state to be in the Cabinet; Executive Director , Legal Assistance for Senior Adults;

People are our Greatest Asset: Erik Schuessler

Erik Schuessler, Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri Alma Mater: Arts Magnet/Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, SMU Meadows School Occupation/Day Job: I do creative work (mobile, ui, ux, branding, etc.) and technical development. Favorite thing about CentralTrak: I enjoy it’s casual approach and it’s respect for the creative process no matter

People are our Greatest Asset: Richard Serrano

Richard Serrano, Hometown: Bedford, TX Alma Mater: University of Dallas Favorite visual artist: Degas Favorite film: Grand Illusion by Alfonso Cuarón An art momement that changed my perspective: when I got the opportunity to interview Martin Creed in his balloon room installation at the Nasher for Art This Week. He ‘s an artist who finds

People are our Greatest Asset: Jordan Roth & Susan Roth

Jordan Roth, Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas Alma Mater: University of North Texas Most treasured memory: having an hour alone in the Ampitheatre at Pompeii Susan Roth, Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Great loves/passion: Working with artists – finding and helping emerging artists. My favorite thing about CentralTrak is: CentralTrak has become such a necessary part of

People are our Greatest Asset: Karen Wiener

Karen Wiener, Hometown: Dallas, TX Day Job: Director of The Reading Room An art moment that changed my perspective/life/mind/heart: walking the streets of nyc No one knows that I: used to belong to an improv group If I could send a message to myself 20/30/40 years ago, I’d say: don’t worry Favorite thing about CentralTrak: