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Living with Art by CentralTrak Resident Liz Trosper

Every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. during exhibitions, CentralTrak hosts regular open hours in the exhibition space. This Saturday was not only the last week of Christopher Blay’s installation exhibition, “Satellites;” it was also the DADA gallery walk. So, we had a lively afternoon. Most lively of all, we kicked off the afternoon with coffee and

A Conversation With Christopher Blay – Aug. 2014

In conversation with CentralTrak’s director, Heyd Fontenot, Blay explains his practice and his influences in his own words: Q:  You spoke of watching Sci-Fi films and being having your aesthetic influenced by this genre’. Yes. There’s a certain optimism in science fiction that I connect with. Even in tales of dystopia. At some level the

Demitasse: “Blue Medicine”

  Demitasse, a two piece acoustic group, will be at CentralTrak for a one-night performance of their debut album “Blue Medicine” this Friday the 25th at 7:00! Check out some of their great music and come out Friday to hear the whole album!  

Tête-à-Tête: “VODOU: Jeff Gibbons presents Bruce Lee Webb & Kimberly Alexander in Conversation”

On Thursday, March 20th CentralTrak artist-in-residence Jeff Gibbon’s will introduce a conversation between Bruce Lee Webb and Kimberly Alexander, two creatives who have a common interest in the practice of Vodou. The spiritual practice of Vodou and the art practice can both imbue objects with great power and meaning. Special guest Bruce Webb has studied

Sadie Hawkins: A Reflection

Feminism. We’ve been there and done that, right? In the feminist conversation, there is a cycle of denial and frustration. Women are, and have always been, major players in everything from business to political science to art. We know this and tend to use this knowledge to deny the fact that women are subservient in

People are our Greatest Asset

Whether you visit CentralTrak once a week or haven’t been in years – we welcome YOU to the always-free-of-charge art space that functions as a “community center” for the North Texas art scene. As one of our guests, patrons or collaborators you have helped CentralTrak evolve. Your contributions whether they be monetary or participatory benefit