April 25, 2014: Music Performance - Demitasse: Blue Medicine

Date: Friday, April 25, 7pm

Demitasse, a two piece acoustic group, will be gracing CentralTrak for a one-night performance of their debut album “Blue Medicine, a side project for Erik Sanden and Joe Reyes of the San Antonio art rock band Buttercup Joe Reyes is a Grammy award winning guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Erik Sanden composes songs that NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain.” Together in Buttercup and now in Demitasse, they sing together like brothers and are charmingly familiar with their audiences. Both Joe and Erik lost their fathers recently, and their debut record grew out of the chaos of caring for loved ones with long-term illnesses.

Demitasse is a two piece downbeat, softly sung acoustic group. This group is the side project for Erik Sanden and Joe Reyes of the band Buttercup. Singing high falsetto harmonies the band lilts between melody, spoken word and noise. The sound is somewhere between Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, and the Beach Boys on a dark day. We are our own monsters of folk. We love folks.