CentralTrak tête-à-tête with Jon Ewing and Dwayne Carter – Nov. 10 at 7pm

Tête-à-tête: "The Utopian Impulse"
with Jon Ewing and Dwayne Carter
November 10 at 7PM
Free lecture and discussion by Jon Ewing, Religion Professor at Richland College and Dwayne Carter, artist and co-organizer of the 2016 Freefall Festival of Disputed Ideals.

Jon Ewing will present The Utopian Impulse, a historical and interpretive look at the notions of Utopia and Paradise. This presentation is in conjunction with the exhibition Paradise: No Time Zone.

“What fuels the Utopian Impulse, the constant obsession with perfecting humanity [or at least portions of humanity]? At times of crisis, religions and the sages who spawned them have hearkened back to simpler times, when the teachings were new, when all things were held in common, before human nature got in the way of beautiful ideals. But even for the utopian, human nature always seems to get in the way.” Jon Ewing

Artist Dwayne Carter will discuss the ideas that shaped 2016 Freefall Festival of Disputed Ideals, a festival of spoken word performances, experimental music and exhibitions at CentralTrak, El Centro College, RO2 Gallery, Lucky Dog Books and more, co-organized with Dallas artist Randall Garrett.



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