“Code Yellow Caution-Crisis-Critique: April 12th – May 17th, 2014 | CentralTrak

“Code Yellow Caution-Crisis-Critique: April 12th – May 17th, 2014

“Code Yellow Caution-Crisis-Critique: A curatorial exercise exploring systems of real and perceived warnings”

“Code Yellow Caution-Crisis-Critique: A curatorial exercise exploring systems of real and perceived warnings”

Date: April 12th - May 17th.
Opening Reception: April 12th, 6:30pm-10pm

"Code Yellow," an exhibition being displayed in a joint show between the CentralTrak gallery and UTD Visual Arts Building, brings together six curators from various fields (art, journalism, network analysis, social activism) investigating issues of vulnerability, struggle and crisis. Works in the exhibition use humor, irony, empathy, direct or indirect action, data, graphic depiction, media manipulation, and social engagement to convey the various means humans express societal dilemma and moral anxiety. The wide ranging exhibition will include such artist as Spike Johnson, Andrew Blanton, Kayla Escobedo, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Gary Panter, Marian Henley, Mike Presley, David Cotterrell, Didier Sornette, Tom.š Rafa, Rudolf Sikora,V.clav Vašků and Jana Želibsk.


Kael Alford,
American photojournalist and documentary photographer and videographer. Kael commenced her media career during the tumultuous wars in the Balkans between 1996 and 2003 that occurred with the fracturing of Yugoslavia. She is a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University (2009) and has taught in the art department of Southern Methodist University (2011-2013). In 2011 she won the highly competitive Knight Luce Fellowship for Reporting on Global Religion.

Janeil Engelstad,
The founder of MAP (Make Art with Purpose) and producer of the ‘Dallas MAP Project’, a festival and exhibition of projects that restore and preserve the environment, promote social justice, and advance human knowledge and well-being in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. She is an internationally known Artist, lecturer, social practitioner, Fulbright Scholar and an advocate for critical cultural development through the arts.

Laray Polk,
A multimedia artist and writer living in Dallas. Her articles and investigative reports have appeared in the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and In These Times. As a 2009 grant recipient from The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, she produced stories on the political entanglements and compromised science behind the establishment of a radioactive waste disposal site in Texas, situated in close proximity to the Ogallala Aquifer. Just published as Co-author with Noam Chomsky ‘Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe’

Mona Kasra,
Mona Kasra is a media artist, educator, and a PhD candidate at University of Texas at Dallas in Arts and Technology with a focus in Emerging Media & Communications. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Video Association of Dallas and has programmed, curated, and juried for numerous exhibitions and film festivals. Mona holds an M.F.A. in Video/Digital Art and has exhibited in numerous exhibitions both in gallery and online settings. She has also presented at several conferences including SXSW Interactive and SPE National Conference (The Society for Photographic Education), and in 2011, served as the Art Gallery Chair at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) in Vancouver, Canada.

Maxmillian Schich,
Schich's current research focuses on Complex Networks in Art History and related disciplines. His approach is based on the fact that many key phenomena in Art History, ranging from classification to the development of visual motifs (Memnosyne), exhibit true complex network structure and dynamics. Besides his Ph.D. on 'Reception and Visual Citation as Complex Networks', Max has over a decade of experience as a research consultant working with semantic network data.

Greg Metz,
A social/political artist who works in various mediums, primarily sculptural installation in non traditional situations. He teaches gallery and exhibition studies, interventionist art and serves as Gallery Coordinator at UTD where he has curated many exhibitions. Mr. Metz has exhibited works nationally in a variety of venues including L.A.C.E. (Las Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), National Mall in Washington D.C., Dallas Museum of Art, San Antonio Museum, and Arlington Museum among others.


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