“DADARALL” by Total Unicorn

Date: September 10 – September 24
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10, 8 – 10pm

 Dallas- CentralTrak presents DADARALL on Saturday, September 10. This installation/performance is a collaboration directed and produced by CentralTrak artist-in-residence and Total Unicorn narrative-builder Stephen Fishman. To acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Dada movement, Fishman will be joined in this "celebratory atmosphere with a smattering of protest" by choreographer/dancer Lindsey Taylor and CentralTrak alum Michael Anthony Garcia in creating this “assault on meaning."
"It’s juicy. Your feet buried in a mound of broken pills.
Crush them in your sweaty palm. It’s the scent of wet grass and kneaded erasers.
A rotten peach drops from the ceiling.
Somebody tells you their passwords.
A stylus probes a nostril.
You become entangled in cabling, blinded by by the DLP.
Your teeth are blue, a dead pixel in your eye.
A finger nailed to a intertube to a glass jar to a kolache to a foot: ready-made.
Clapping crutches together silently, intended to offend.

Now, erase it all

Fishman presents a night of crushing pleasure, yellow expectations and musk, oblong, salty, passive interaction for vicious wallflowers and gregarious assassins. Not one, but five video sources (maybe 12). Play ‘My Deep Pocket’: a deep exploration of deepness. Try the Home Entertainment System -- so many buttons! Polished v01s, uncompressed m2vs, original mp3s and frozen mp4s, creamy memes and so many wasted words, splattered on your shoes, dripping from the walls. Books stapled shut, dancing caveladies, interventions, interruptions, interstitials, intermittent intervals of interest.
And, walls and walls of walls!

Time to celebrate a century of dead Dada. Receive the communion: a generous dollop of seaweedmotoroilcoffeemate frosting to roll around on your tongue.
Step into a frappéd consciousness: a fully immersive sculptural partially interactive audiovisual performance installation. And nobody leaves empty-handed. You will leave handfuls of hands."



Total Unicorn is a multi-discplinary performance group started in 2010. It’s current incarnation is a structured, yet scalable garden of wonders occupying every spare measure of stage real estate, the ceiling, the walls. Lyman Hardy’s genre-bending compositions, Stephen Fishman's lyrical, hyper-saturated pixel theatre and Lindsey Taylor’s hedonistic choreography: a simmering brew decanted generously into the night. Total Unicorn performances include SXSW, CODAME festival in San Francisco, CIMMfest in Chicago, Pecha Kucha Austin, and Texas Underground Tour throughout France.

Stephen Fishman is an Austin-based designer and visual artist, creating experimental animated films, music videos, interactive installations, performance, paintings, print work, music and live visual accompaniment for music and dance under the monikers Fresh Fuckerman and Mac&Cheez. He also comprises the visual component of the multimedia performance group, Total Unicorn. His video and animation work has been featured in the Boston Underground Film Festival, Silverlake Film Festival, Citrus Cel Animation Festival, Experience Music Project and Sci-fi Museum Film Festival, CODAME, Lumen Eclipse, Dallas Video Fest, Teleportal Readings, CIMMfest, FILE, GIF Festival L.A., SXSW, and the Fusebox Festival. His installation work has been featured at Co-Lab, the Museum of Human Achievement, TransPecos Festival and the New Media Art and Sound Summit. Stephen was born in New York City, but raised in Central California. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California's Cinema-Television program in 1995.

Lyman Hardy is a musician, sound designer, and audio mixer in Austin, Texas. He spent much of the 90's touring and recording as the drummer for Austin's theatrical rock concrète ensemble Ed Hall and noisepop wunderkinds Sixteen Deluxe, both on King Coffey's Trance Syndicate label, and is currently drummer in Austin mainstays Pong. He is the co-founder, chief sound designer and supervising sound mixer of Stuck On On, an audio and visual post-production company in Austin, Texas. Some feature highlights include Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter (2011) and Mud (2012), and Keith Maitland’s documentary TOWER (2016). He also mixes Rooster Teeth's award winning animé series RWBY. He composed the opening music for the Emmy Award winning PBS series State of Tomorrow and music for Ben Steinbauer's documentary Winnebego Man.

Lindsey Taylor is a choreographer/dancer working in Austin, TX. She received a BFA in Dance from the University of Texas, and went on to create the award-winning interpretive dance trio Little Stolen Moments. Lindsey's work with LSM encompasses eight years of performances all over Austin, and was voted Best Dance Company by the Austin Chronicle Reader's Poll 2010. Her professional dance experience also includes Sheep Army/Elsewhere Dance Theater and appearances with Blue Lapis Light, Chaddick Dance Theater and Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks. She has also appeared with NY artists Martha Bowers and Neal Medlyn, and LA based video artist Jonesy. She is currently exploring dance for film, creating music videos, working on an independent feature, and has had her work screened at the ADF International Screendance Festival, Austin Music Video Festival, and Brooklyn's SCREAMDANCE! International Dance Horror Short Film Fest.


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