Dec 11, 2013: Lecture by Visiting Artist Gavin Morrison | CentralTrak

Dec 14, 2013: Lecture by Visiting Artist Gavin Morrison

Gavin Morrison

Visiting Artist in Residence Lecture: “Gavin Morrison”

Date: Wednesday December 11, 7pm

800 Exposition Ave
Dallas, Texas

CentralTrak is honored to have hosted so many talented artists at the residency program over the past seven years. One such individual is curator, writer and publisher Gavin Morrison. On Wednesday December 11th Morrison will present a lecture on the work he has developed during his stay at CentralTrak, including the curation of an exhibition on the Georgian modernist architect Berthold Lubetkin and the writing of Morrison's new book The Malcontents. The lecture will begin at 7:00pm and is free to the public.


Gavin Morrison

Gavin Morrison is a curator, writer and publisher based in the south of France, where he runs IFF, a project gallery which creates exhibitions and off-site works in Marseille. He is also an Exchange Fellow in the Department of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh and a Co-Director of the research project, What is Ignorance? at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden. In addition he is also a director of Atopia Projects, a curatorial and publishing initiative. He is currently working on an exhibition about the modernist architect Berthold Lubetkin for the Art Academy in Tbilisi, Georgia. And recently he has started to collaborate with a number of different artists, such as the project: A History of Type Design with Scott Myles. Further he is presently working on two books: The Unresolved Fate of the Kinetic Tower, an irregular history of a maligned public sculpture in Edinburgh and Falkirk Cannons for Corsica an explorative travelogue searching for cannons sent from Scotland to Corsican rebels in the 1770s. From 2007-2009 Morrison was Curator for the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts gallery.


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