ATEC MFA 2017 | CentralTrak


Exhibition  June 17-24; Reception for the Artists Saturday June 17: 8-10 pm

Please join us for a reception celebrating the work and completion of three UTD MFAs. CentralTrak  presents the work of Jessie Budd, Russell Mendolla, and  Chun-Yi (Ronald) Wu.



Jessie Budd: Identity: digital self

Bright colors, playful shapes, and deconstructed bodies embellished with fabric and equipped with questions of digital escapism.

Jessie Budd, UT Dallas M.F.A., explores concepts of identity through experimental arts. Combining photographs, video, and soft sculpture she creates alien life forms and scenes. Budd’s work is centered around self-portraits, distorting or removing distinguishing features with playful shapes, and bright colors to emphasize themes of digital escapism and delusion.



Chu Yi (Ronald) Wu: Zodiac of Virtual and Real

This show features twelve Zodiac constellation Pepakura Sculptures and wall reliefs representing each sign of the zodiac constellations. The characters are a combination of mythology, fantasy, and the oral storytelling tradition. Throughout his MFA, Wu used 3D modeling programs to create conceptual sculptures with the Digital Fabrication process in mind.

Chu Yi (Ronald) Wu earned a BA in Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas in 2012. He continued his education pursuing a Master’s, focusing his creative talents on character development turning the virtual into reality. Using animation skills learned during his undergraduate studies combined with Digital Fabrication to produce life-size Pepakura sculptures, Wu used the animation process work flow. He started with modeling, then rigging, used the rig to pose the character, then processed with Digital Fabrication to produce the final sculpture.








Russell Mendolla: Context: Technology and Translation

Explore multi-cultural word connotation presented in the gallery to investigate how cultural language taboos change in the context of their presentation and translation. This show is an examination of text as image. English, Spanish, and French profanities are placed in juxtaposition in the context of the gallery space. The viewer is prompted to consider how they derive their own cultural meanings from the offensive words. The installation questions our reliance and dependence on technology for translation using video, photos, text, and sculpture. The work embraces humor while also commenting on our expectations of technology to communicate, while facilitating translation, across cultures.

Russell Mendolla is an artist and writer, MFA graduate of The University of Texas at Dallas. An Army Veteran, born in West Texas, and now living in the Dallas Metroplex, Russell received his B.A. from the Arts and Technology School of The University of Texas at Dallas in video game design. He has exhibited his photographs and received awards. This exhibition represents his exploration of participatory installation art.



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