October 24 at 8PM – Zine Society Library

Frequent CentralTrak collaborator Taro-kun returns to Dallas to curate the “Zine Society Library” opening on Saturday, October 24 from 8-10pm.  The exhibition will function as a reading room containing over 100 artist-published DIY “zines” from around the world.  Notable contributors to the exhibition are Kelly K (Toronto, Canada), Julian Callos (Los Angeles, CA), Yumi Sakugawa (Los Angeles, CA), Evah Fan (Oakland, CA), Daniel Zender (Brooklyn, NY), Albert Tercero (Barcelona, Spain), Cupco (Austraila/Tokyo), Michael Sieben (Austin, TX), Clay Hickson (Chicago, Il), Leona Fietz (Brisbane, Australia)

Zines have a long history and have notably been a tool to voice disenfranchised perspectives.  Zine-making and zine-consumption was a significant format for artists and activists to share info, find and identify subcultures before the internet was widely available.  This contemporary collection will be on display through January 2016 with workshops to be announced.



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