“Paradise: No Time Zone” as part of Freefall Festival

Date: November 5 – December 17, 2016 

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5, 8 – 10pm

CentralTrak presents Paradise: No Time Zone, the third art exhibition and eighth event of this year's inaugural Freefall FestivalThis event considers the concept of paradise as a "no time zone" of original perfection and the natural world of continual process and transformation. It features a group of artists whose works address the world of nature, artistic processes, and identity as a transformational concept. Featured artists include Sheryl Anaya, Rachael Banks
, Colette Copeland, Val Curry, Randall Garrett, Dennis Gonzalez, and David Sunshine.
Sheryl Anaya, a current member of 500X Gallery, is known for her sculptural fiber installations that emphasize the feminine through texture and space. Photographer Rachael Banks looks at subjects from her own family and close knit friends, showing an intimate view of life in rural America. Colette Copeland creates performance videos that explore and personalize characters from art history, such as Marcel Duchamp's Rrose Sélavy. Val Curry is a consummate sculptor who works with everyday materials such as formed plastics from toys and electronic devices, melting and transforming them into beautiful abstract objects. Randall Garrett creates art in a variety of media, using ritual to explore gender and identity. Dennis Gonzalez creates beautiful and intimate handmade books that reference both medieval illuminated manuscripts and contemporary graffiti. The video work of David Sunshine makes use of the glitch aesthetic to present an installation view of angels looking down on the beauty and abstraction of the material world.
The opening reception on Saturday, November 5th will include a spoken word performance by Randall Garrett.
Events during the run of the exhibit will include a téte å téte on Thursday, Nov. 10th from 7-9 pm featuring Richland College religion professor Jon Ewing and a closing performance on December 17th by progressive jazz band Ataraxia, fronted by participating artist Dennis Gonzalez.
"From the casting out of the first parents from the 'Garden of Eden', to the restoration to the same in varous apocalyptic scenarios, literary and religious, the quest for human perfection has driven humankind it its progressive, and at times quite regressive, march toward collective and personal improvement." - Jon Ewing
For more information, visit the Freefall Festival website at http://www.freefallfest.com.

Colette Copeland, still from Marcel & Rrose, 2015, HD video, 8.11 minutes.



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