“Reciprocated Salvage” by Cynthia Ann Miro (Saathoff)

July 9 – July 23 

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 9, 8 - 10 pm 

Dallas- CentralTrak presents the first in a series of summer senior MFA exhibits of UT Dallas graduates. The first, by Cynthia Ann Miro (Saathoff), statement follows: "My work is personal, confessional and performative in a documented sense. Influenced by programming algorithms, mathematical formulas and physics, iterations of emotional outbursts are salvaged from interfaces such as iPhone photostream and reciprocated in compilation.

My work is driven by process and draws on previous experience with writing code through the use of iteration, recursion and algorithmic paradigms. In addition, the new media work mirrors my expressionist philosophy that manifests in my painting and printmaking where the interest lies more in emotional expression rather than physical accuracy.

As technology evolves, so too does our means of perception. Self-portraiture has moved from a strictly artistic pursuit into the lives of everyday people as they reframe, self analyze, and publicly display. I employ this genre in my work as a performative confessional, a means to act out. My ‘selfie’ work is a means of exploring ‘ego’ in a way that seeks to communicate primal, forbidden, subconscious and feminist ideology. In this process I exploit everyday apps such as Instagram, Pixlr, etc. and uncover glitches as I push the mediums to the extreme, beyond their intended use.

My work seeks to be honest and raw, focusing more on the not so pretty and inappropriate side of being me: to release the suppressed, to whisper a secret, to scream, to cry.  A quick and dirty source to express the inexpressible and to document that expression.  There is freedom in this release."

Cynthia started her arts exploration at Kansas City Art Institute where she studied painting and printmaking. She holds a BS in Management Information Systems from UT Dallas. Cynthia graduated with her Master of Fine Art in Art & Technology from UT Dallas in May 2016.

Cynthia is a socially engaged artist who is passionate about preserving diversity in Dallas. She has collaborated with Rick Lowe on Trans.lation, a Nasher Xchange project located in Vickery Meadow. She began by developing relationships and workshops that serve the needs of the multicultural community in Vickery Meadow who are threatened by gentrification.

Cynthia Ann Miro (Saathoff), Reciprocated #1, 2016, digital media on metallic paper, 20 x 20 inches.



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