May 11 – June 29, 2013: That Mortal Coil – Rebuking the Ideal in Figurative Art

Central Trak is proud to present:

That Mortal Coil: Rebuking the Ideal in Figurative Art

Opening reception, Saturday, May 11, 8-10 pm
exhibition runs until June 29, 2013

Artists included in this exhibition:
Seth Alverson (Houston), R.E. Cox (Dallas), Brian K. Jones (Dallas), Denise Prince (Austin), Ari Richter (New York), Nina Schwanse (New Orleans/Los Angeles) and Taro-kun (Japan)

The predominant cultural preoccupation with beauty & physical perfection has led a number of contemporary artists to confront and even turn the tables on idealization in regards to the human figure. This group exhibition at CentralTrak reveals the frailty of flesh. By refusing to honor Western society’s prescribed aesthetic standards, apologetic modesty or polite behavior, these artists become activists in a dynamic form of social protest. Rather than a rejection of beauty, these artworks generously search for beauty in the varied spectrum of the human condition.

Gallery hours are Saturdays, noon – 5pm and by appointment.








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