Feb. 13 – June 27: Who’s Afraid of Chuck and George?

Event: “Who’s Afraid of Chuck and George?”

Date: Feb 13 – Now extended through June 27
Opening Reception: Friday, Feb 13, 8 - 10 pm 

800 Exposition Ave
Dallas, Texas 75226


A visual arts roast of the artists duo Brian Jones and Brian Scott

“The Brians” as they are collectively known by the Dallas arts community have been living, loving and working together for the past 25 years.  Though they each make art works of their own, when they work collaboratively, they use the moniker “Chuck & George”.  As Chuck & George, Brian Jones and Brian Scott are alternately the protagonists and antagonists in a campy universe of their own creation.  The artists present themselves as sexy and grotesque caricatures sharing real and fabricated misadventures.  Chuck & George are a quirky and unflattering version of the Romantic Comedy.

Individually and separately, Brian Jones and Brian Scott are incredible artists.  They live, breathe and sleep art/music/film and exude a joy de vivre.  And they have legendary Halloween parties.  Their home is a funky nest that they’ve assembled from all things wonderful and wacky, mixing naughty tchotchkes with fine art within the hand-painted walls and furniture.

Recognizing the universally adored “Brians” as enormous and unique talents, curator and Director of CentralTrak Heyd Fontenot had the idea of assembling their friends for an homage exhibition.  Nearly a hundred artists were given the task of immortalizing Chuck & George.  And most have answered the call.  So, this Spring CentralTrak will host the group exhibition “Who’s Afraid of Chuck & George?” (Title borrowed from the Edward Albee play, about another alternative marriage)


chuck and georgeWho’s Afraid of Chuck & George 04Who’s Afraid of Chuck & George 02Who’s Afraid of Chuck & George 06
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