Visiting Artist 2013


Visiting Artist 2013


Founded in 2011, HOMECOMING! Committee is an assembly of artists and creatives who seek to develop collaborative projects in conjunction with their own individual artistic production. HOMECOMING! projects, through shared involvement, transform the ephemeral into tangible experiences. They believe this transformation and interaction to be paramount, and is the true nucleus of artmaking.

HOMECOMING! Committee seeks to establish initiatives and venues in which all manner of creative individuals can operate as co-collaborators engaging in the practice of this agency. Interactive and participatory, HOMECOMING! events create an environment to springboard participants into action and build networks for future collaborations. The fortification of creative resources repositions the artist as an individual that shapes cultural discourse, versus a member of society that merely reacts to it.

HOMECOMING! Committee currently is Christopher Bond, Bradly Brown, Ryan Goolsby, Courtney Hamilton, Timothy Harding, Joey Hoff, Shelby Meier, Devon Nowlin, Kris Pierce, Gregory Ruppe, Alden Williams, Briana Williams, and Tiffany Wolf.


email: info@homecomingcommittee.com
Website: http://homecomingcommittee.com



Member list for the photo: (Counter clockwise from the bottom middle)
• Kris Pierce
• Ryan Goolsby
• Chris Bond
• Briana Williams
• Joey Hoff
• Tiffany Wolf
• Gregory Ruppe
• Timothy Harding
• Devon Nowlin
• Bradly Brown
• Alden Williams
• Shelby Meier
• Courtney Hamilton (M.I.A.)