Mariko Spigner

Visiting Artist


Mariko Spigner
Visiting Artist 2014

Mariko Spigner is a Fine Artist, born in Japan. She first studied photography, but after she took a painting class at City College of New York, she became interested in Painting. She has received M.F.A. at Brooklyn College of New York 2012. Currently, she lives in New York City and she has had several exhibitions at various galleries.

Artist Statement:
Japanese cartoons and popular culture have a major influence on my work. In Japan Many people grow up in life influenced by cartoons. I am one of them. Cartoons and popular culture depicting gender performance, obsessions with sex and the weirdness in it. I explore the cultural and personal shifts I have experienced since leaving my native Japan and arriving in the United States. In combining stylistic motifs from both cultures, I try to determine the parameters of my evolving individuality, using elements taken from Japanese cartoons and popular culture.

In my art I give concrete visual form to my experiences in vastly different cultures and the ways in which people of different nations, identities and genders behave and interact. In my work I construct my own cultural narrative and I feel less dependent upon received narratives and gender roles.
I have painted from my memories, imagination, because to me, empirical reality becomes boring over time; I create fantastical, imaginary worlds that are more interesting—and in many ways, more real—than the world around me.



IMG_0276 Rose Sakura self portrait and blood Takeshi 2