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Oto Hudec

Visiting Artist 2013


Oto Hudec
Visiting Artist 2013

Multi-media artist Oto Hudec was born in Košice, Slovakia and he created his recent work in USA, Portugal and Slovakia. His paintings,
drawings and prints explore both personal and social themes. He also creates video and work for public spaces about immigration,
refugees and the impact of globalization on the environment.
Oto Hudec has shown his work in solo and collective exhibitions in Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, USA, Brazil and Czech Republic. His work Drawing for Filó was shown at 2009 Bienal Mercosul in Porto alegre, Brazil, he is also finalist of Oscar Cepan prize for young artist in Slovakia, year 2012.
Oto Hudec graduated as Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia. He is presently a PhD student
and teacher at this school. Also he is member of creative team “Make Art with Purpose”, an international platform for art that creates
change. He is represented by Gandy Gallery and he lives between Bratislava and Košice.

Artist Statement:
As an artist I am trying to explore the thin line between art and activism, between representation of beauty and craftsmanship and active political statement.
We live in a world that is interconnected, where one action in one part of globe can affect region on the other part. We hold responsibility for that action, although seemingly insignificant. The crisis, we live in resulted from long term egocentric relationship towards marginal nations, social groups, towards the planet and our own future; as living in certain kind of blindness. It is here, where I see the place for my artwork – to open the discussion on this relationship.
In my last works I become increasingly interested in ecological living, food production and sustainability. But instead of searching for new scientific solutions, I am more interested in how indigenous people and traditional communities achieved this. With their way of living they could exist on this planet in relative harmony with nature for centuries. The utopias - experimental models for society were associated with visionary and skepticism in western world. But they are alive in other cultures, yet threatened by global market and global policies. I create my artwork as an amplifier that makes louder the voice of these communities. I see it more as a tool, an instrument, a part of something - a mouvement maybe, than a personal expression.


if i had a river 2-Oto Hudec

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whale world topolcany-Oto Hudec