Sam England


Sam England
Visiting Artist 2013

The forest by the house I grew up in facilitated the gestation of any ideas that would later lead to my artwork. My connection with, fear of, and appreciation towards nature were the sole reasons for my adolescent interest in the mystical relationship of myself with God and art.

I started practicing painting seriously in high school with particular fascination toward western medieval, renaissance and surreal painting. It was during this time that I decided to pursue art as a career.

After graduating high school I began college. I also began traveling off and on by hitchhiking which caused me to lose interest in art being only a career but being a lifestyle and a direct communicator of my ideas.

My goal is twofold: to merge the technical ability of my craft with my intellectual ideas and to encourage others through artistic cooperation and collaboration.

Artist Statement:

Nature and the transcendent meet when meaning is realized as the ultimate necessity. This metamorphic transformation is the act of creation taking place in the transmutation of materials into symbols of a spiritual nature. Art is a communal experience and effort in all of its forms, encouraging understanding between people.

The goal of my art is to bind the viewer’s perceptions of reason and intuition together through the practice of symbolic discernment, inspiring creativity which unites one with others.

“Out of the darkness of ugliness forms emerge and move progressively towards the splendours of beauty; instincts are in correspondence with forms; and man who is the synthesis of that light whereof animals may be termed the analysis, is created to command them.”- Eliphas Levi