Shawn Mayer

Former Grad Resident


Shawn Mayer
Former Grad Resident


Shawn Mayer is a digital artist and is currently pursuing an M.F.A at the University of Texas at Dallas in the Arts & Technology program. In 2008 he received a B.A in Music and a B.F.A. in Drawing from the University of Missouri.

Artist Statement:

I have always had an enduring love and appreciation for travel. It is an invigorating moment when people drown themselves in the exploration of the unfamiliar. The car has been used by several artists as a means of exploration. I have never been able to afford adventures to far off lands and exotic locations, and the price of gas has often limited my roadside travel to mundane transits back and forth between home, work, and school. The approach in my work is an attempt to explore the common places, or what has become common through repetitive, endless transits. I wish to create images that breathe life and humor into subject matter that is often forgotten. This is because it is often being seen at the speed of 60 miles per hour.
My more recent work has been heavily influenced by the use of animated GIFs. This is a type of digital file that allows for simple often looping animations to be seen through limited colors schemes in a digital space online. There is something quite mesmerizing and hypnotic about animated GIFs. When used a particular way, they seem to create an environment of endless repetitive motion and, when looped seamlessly, give viewers a strong sense of anticipation. A truly powerful animated GIF is waiting for a shoe to drop that never does.
This work is represents flowing motion of sights always seen, but rarely, fully appreciated.


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